passion and experience for the
passion and experience for the

Erica BrennerThough steeped in the traditions of classical music, Erica Brenner maintains a very progressive view of its role in our culture and its potential in the digital age. A classically trained musician with a master’s degree in music from Yale University, Erica spent 20 years in audio production for Telarc International, one of the most prestigious classical recording labels in the world and the winner of scores of GRAMMY® Awards since the late 1970s. In addition to producing, editing and mastering for Telarc, she has worked as an independent record producer since 1992. Her work can be heard on hundreds of commercially released classical and jazz recordings.

Erica’s range of technical expertise includes high-resolution audio and multi-channel editing, podcast/interview production and editing. She is equally skilled and experienced in logistical and visual aspects of music production, handling comprehensive project management and the all-important details of budgeting, project development, booklet production and asset coordination, graphic design consultation, proofreading and mechanical licensing. Armed with several years of performance experience, she implicitly understands the needs of the artist and approaches every project – large or small – with a high level of energy, sensitivity and creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.  Always looking for a challenge, Erica has added video production to her list of services, especially geared toward artists and arts organizations, and parenting/educational organizations.

Motivated by her belief in the transformative power of music, Erica and her team are positioned to wield cutting-edge technology to maximize the artistic expression of not only the great masters of the past but also the aspiring composers and artists of the present and the future.

Gary Reider is the consummate project foreman, an overseer with a relentless commitment to detail and deadline. Simply put, he gets things done. In his 23 years as editor, project manager and creative problem solver at Telarc International – much of that time in partnership with Erica Brenner – Gary worked with world-class recording artists, orchestras and managers, as well as a highly professional staff of producers, editors, marketers and salespeople on more than 1,400 projects. His position as Telarc’s Vice President of Production required long-range planning for more than 60 projects per year, while managing a variety of creative personnel, service vendors and project components.


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