passion and experience for the
passion and experience for the

Erica's ability to hear---to  hone in on details quickly and efficiently, and her impeccable taste, made her a joy to work with.  She was the voice (and ears) of excellence for our sessions, and we ended up with a magnificent result. – David Amado, conductor


The recording process is daunting, and I am just so happy to have the recording "done." Ultimately, it was such a positive experience with Erica, Tom and my accompanist, Rodrigo.  Rather than feeling "spent," I really feel rejuvinated! Rebecca Bower Cherian, Co-Prinicpal Trombone - Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra



Craig KnoxErica Brenner was able to see us through the entire process of making our recording, from advising us on location, to connecting us with her network of technicians, to producing the sessions and editing the master. Her strong musical background and wealth of experience was so helpful and reassuring at every stage. She and engineer Thomas Knab worked with us as creative partners to help create a recording we're very proud of.  – Craig Knox, Principal Tuba - Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra


Yolanda KondonassisErica Brenner brings a total package to the table every time: integrity, experience, creativity, and follow-through. She is that rare individual who will not rest until she has transformed every project into what it is destined to become. It has been a privilege (and an absolute blast) to have worked with her for so many years.   – Yolanda Kondonassis, harpist


Jahja LingErica is one of the best producers I have worked with.  She has keen ears, thorough knowledge of the scores and possesses consummate organization skills during the recording session.  She has a calm but determined personality and a very respectful attitude helping make every musician comfortable and able to do our best work.  – Jahja Ling, conductor


Britght ShengIt was truly a great pleasure to work with Erica Brenner. Her work is not only in the highest quality, but also meticulously executed into perfection.  – Bright Sheng, composer


Joshua SmithWorking with Erica Brenner is a great pleasure. She combines a sensitive and thoughtful approach to music with a wealth of experience in the recording industry and this makes for a very rich collaboration.  – Joshua Smith, Principal Flute - The Cleveland Orchestra


Jeannette SorrellErica Brenner is a highly experienced producer and editor, who brings sharp ears, positive energy and the highest possible standards to her work.  It has been my pleasure to work with her on 8 projects.  As a session producer she is efficient and organized, while also giving the artists the flexibility to adjust the pacing when needed.  As an editor she takes full responsibility to produce a first edit that truly represents the best possible draft, thus making the conductor’s role much easier since only a small number of fixes will be needed.  Her passion and dedication to quality serve to guide each project she works on.  With nearly 20 years of experience at a world-class record label, Erica is a wonderful resource to any artist making a recording.  I recommend her enthusiastically! – Jeannette Sorrell, conductor



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